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Markus del Monego y Andreas Larsson

26.02.2015. TASTED.

Tasted brought together two of the last best sommeliers in the world, Markus del Monego and Andreas Larsson, to conduct a series of blind tastings by country.

In Spanish wine tastings 2015, we have awarded excellent scores in 2 of the most distinctive wines presented in our winery and are yet to hit the market (is in its growth stage):

-. Alto Las Pizarras 2013 (86 Points)

-. Siosy \"Las Pizarras Collection\" 2013 (87 Points)

Markus del Monego is the first and only German who holds the title of World's Best Sommelier and also won the prestigious Master of Wine, the first sommelier to obtain both awards.

Andreas Larsson was proclaimed World's Best Sommelier in 2007.

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